Body Protection Compound (BPC-157) Review: Novel Healing Peptide Or Unsubstantiated Hype?

Body Protection Compound 157, or “BPC-157”, has taken the biohacking space by storm.

BPC-157 is a “peptide”, a chain of “amino acids”. Amino acids can simply be understood as building blocks of proteins. By supplying your body with specific peptides biological processes within your body can be upregulated or impeded.

Right now, BPC-157 has decent scientific justification within animal studies. High-quality human studies, however, are sparse to non-existent right now. Nevertheless, many people (mostly biohackers) are experimenting with peptides in general and BPC-157 in particular and experiencing many beneficial effects – such as enhanced healing.

Joe, the reviewer in this video, didn’t experience any specific effects himself when testing the Infinite Age BPC-157 product. Joe’s results, however, don’t entail that the product is useless. Rather, his n=1 experimentation didn’t show results but yours can because everyone’s biology works slightly different.

This is a video by Joe Ailts. Joe has completed degrees in biotechnology (BS) and nutrition (MS) and is a science writer for Alexfergus. He has 14 years of experience in the clinical laboratory arena as well as in the dietary supplement industry.

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