SunStream Evolve Mini Infrared Sauna Review: Outstanding Economical 1-Person Option?

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In this video, I review the Mini sauna from SunStream. What makes this sauna extremely impressive is that:

✅ The perfect infrared sauna if you don’t have tons of space
✅ Amazing price-value ratio. The sauna might even WORK BETTER due to more wattage per cubic-foot!
✅ Low-priced minimalist sauna for in-home usage: $2,200 when you mention “Alex Fergus”!!
✅ Extremely low EMF levels
✅ Perfect Far Infrared 360-degree heaters all around your body
✅ Sauna is made from 100% basswood. Chairs are made from cedar
✅ No toxic materials
✅ Easy to clean. Built to last.
✅ Lifetime warranty (yes, really!)
✅ Loads of accessories

Again, the sauna only costs a little over $2,200 USD, excluding taxes and shipping. The sauna easily fits in an average apartment and is thus perfect if you’re on a budget or don’t have space.

The downsides? This mini sauna is pretty small and there’s no outside-controller for the infrared heat level. It’s also impossible to buy in Europe (yet!).

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