Why I May Be Leaving YouTube As a Content Creator? +Q&A

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14 thoughts on “Why I May Be Leaving YouTube As a Content Creator? +Q&A

  1. rico .warren says:

    salute D…been rockin with u since day 1..whatever u decide to do I respect it. I hope u stay but I understand. Ima hit up ya email tho.

    • DorseysResource says:

      Thank you I appreciate the feedback I am grateful to have you on this long. It is a very tough decision as I attempt to transition over into the private.

  2. dueloe100 says:

    I personally appreciate what you have done thus far. I will look for you where ever you go. If you decide to leave I understand why. Do what’s best for you King. No love lost.!!!!

    • DorseysResource says:

      @Mary Saunders Awesome I tried to find you . There were multiple accounts under that name so I didn’t know which specific account belonged to you for follow back?

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