How To Use Picmonic For Your First Two Years In Med School

How do you use Picmonic for your first two years of med school?

There are a lot of books, tools, websites and apps designed to help you in med school. But one app that truly stands out, especially for the first and second your med student, is Picmonic!

Whether it be helping you with USMLE Step 1, Step 2, or learning the different organs and fields like cardiology, Picmonic has a great library of resources to not only teach you about the topic, but also make sure it improves your retention to get you ready for the next big test.

No need to waste time jumping from one incomplete resource to another learning about a topic and making sure you can remember it in time for the test. Picmonic will help structure your learning so you don’t get overwhelmed, are better informed, and feel confident that you absolutely got this!

We talk more about Picmonic and how it gets you ready in this episode of the TMJ show!

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5 thoughts on “How To Use Picmonic For Your First Two Years In Med School

  1. TheMDJourney says:

    Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed this video on how to use Picmonic for the first two years in med school!
    Grab 20% off your Picmonic subscription here:

    What’s your favorite part about Picmonic!? What would you like to see more or want to know about in how Picmonic can help med students!? Let me know along with any questions you have below!

  2. AgoPessimist says:

    Why did you look so depressed during that transition to talking about Picmonic in the video lol? Picmonic looks pretty cool so far, definitely will check it out!

    One question out of curiosity, should picmonic be used as a supplement for something like Anki or can it be used as a replacement for it?

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