Qualia Mind – After 6 Months Of Taking Qualia Review

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4 thoughts on “Qualia Mind – After 6 Months Of Taking Qualia Review

  1. Tim Teller says:

    i checked the top 5 of 2020 on your page. and also the products.
    what i don’t like about Qualia Mind is
    1. it has only 22 servings per box
    2. if i order once it costs 140$. only if i subscribe i pay 120$ per delivery. (same with STAQ Performer 75$ / 60$ and with Total Human 138$ / 117$). so if i want to test it for a month/22 days i have to pay (much) more.
    3. they say “50% discount” but it’s just with the first delivery. i’m sure it’s ‘legal’ to do that, but it feels like they take the customer for a ride. it’s a personal thing. i also don’t like the “9.99$” instead of “10$” price tags in shops.
    with Performance Lab Mind and Stim i can order a 4 (“3+1”) month supply and get a discount that way. same with Mind Lab Pro. i don’t have to go through the process of canceling a subscription.
    i’m honest. just for that reason i would check out the latter two but not the other three.

    they will not change their practice just for little me. just sharing my thoughts.
    still an informative video. thanks for your work

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